Hi I hope you take my time to read my very first blog!

Here, I will be talking about things I enjoy and things I struggle with. Mostly, like when people nevertheless made friends before. Lastly, I usually don’t feel sad but after what I’ve been going through over these years, I have always been trying to make friends with in my life. I don’t have hope at all to find friends. However, I do have interested to talk about my favorite movies as a childhood memory and this is why it is worth me to share these with you here!

My struggles

I had the worst experience ever, on Facebook and on Instagram what more I want is people won’t quit blocking me.

This is why I don’t like using Facebook. I prefer friends like these, to direct instead social media.
In my experience, Facebook friends or Instagram, have always been accused of my grammars and that is no right to block or report.

What more, is for you to realize why I wanted to share my number in the first place.

The more I tell the more I feel better when everyone realized instead complanining my grammars.

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My name is Ricardo I’m known as Tod, the role player character I just had my birthday st Patrick day. I’m a disability person nothingness for struggling life. I’m currently raised and living in Denver colorado, usually snows ❄ a lot here. In 2017 on Christmas eve it doesn’t snow like back in the years 2000 – 2009. If you wonder about snow I’m a winter person not a summer guy.    I’m into freezing and like cold stuffs.

Simply I’ve been biggest fan disney. I always enjoy watching “Toon Disney ” back those times when I was 9. I watched lots of Disney movies previously those time. But then this happen. No longer Toon disney any more. Sadly I miss so much so I had made fan page of a disney character that is my favorite movie.

” The Fox & Hound”. I’m sorry about him , tod is  just like my feeling like I got been bullied by many friends out there. This is what remind me of his feeling. Tod was banned unkindly from them in the forest where he lives at.  I never had any friends from any way to be friends with. Exactly where I am as him too ” Banned“. Any way I’m Ricardo  I’m a role play character from disney movie.  Feel free to ask me anything. ~Tod 🦊🐾❄❄

If you’re wondering why you think this childish. Please no judgment.  Please be respectful no offensive just want you to keep in mind. ~Admin Ricardo

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