Fan page from Disney movie ” The Fox & Hound”

Tod was on the first night alone in the woods proving disastrous, as I in advertently trespassed into an irritable old badger’s den. Thankfully, a friendly porcupine offers me a shelter.

That same night, Slade and Copper plan to poach me. The next morning, Big Mama finds me and introduces me to her best friend, a female fox named Vixey, who helps me adapt to life in the forest. After a botched attempt at fishing, tod got an angry rant, and later apologised to Vixey at Big Momma’s urging.

Any way I was being accused of being picked and bullied by @bdawgpaws any one knows him. Please have them talk to this kid “@bdawgpaws

It’s been since 2017-2019 I’ve been asking people friends to help but no one hasn’t been nice to me. That never happen idk why he was doing it. Todd feels sad and disappointed. He needs someone to cheer him up. To be hated by users who made him a bad reputation.

@bdawgpaws is responsible person for ruining my life.

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