How it happen when I got bullied on Instagram?

You might not believe how. So on this post. You’ll see screen shots from users of Instagram. Here is pics that shows her threated to me. The user jingle she’s same person from Instagram as others users I’m showing you down here.

She’s been making multiples account with that. Everyone has their own likes of disney not just kids. She started to make fun of me. I made my Instagram account because I love disney Fox & Hound.

When she or he has been friends with me on Instagram. He or she has been telling me I was a rapist. This is unacceptable.

In year 2017 a user hacked me. I don’t who did it, people notice it my account being logged 2am. I was never online at 2am in the morning. So that’s where people started to calling me rapist creep . It was frustrated, nobody believe me.

Not, only that, all these people have went over and ruined my life. This makes me angry. People were pushing my limit and went too far. Like how much further people want to go about this? I mean I’m very disappointed, people should quit blocking me, whenever I wanted meet a new friend . You have no idea what they had done to me. Is just sad everyone.

This is Rosebud accounts. She decided to pretend to be a friend then she just screen shot my communication which is unfair. She, says is ok? But, she never talk to me. How you believe I feel? This is her info instagram: ”
This happened since 2017.   

Also, these users were kind of rough on me :

I’m asking girls like you to support because girls can handle any situation. I’m asking everyone to report these users. They were messing up my life. Is not cool to mess up my life.

You could help me, by reaching me out, and reporting these users. I want feel safe be friends with you girls. I don’t feel safe anymore on Instagram, until this be solved. These, people been hacking and claims to be me to others.

Please report all the photos you see here about people threating to Tod and others users you seen photos. Reporting them will help me feel safe to make new friends.

I never get to be with a real friend followers that I deserve to be in the first place. I was hacked too. Sadly.

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