Life suffering as a disability. Here’s why?

I’m asking everyone to please be respectful respect persons life. I need the people to take your time get to know me well.

I have suffered from my disability for many years. First I was suffering the disability from middle school 2009 Lake middle school in Denver. I was being evaluated for being bullied by kids back at that time. I was being picked on and during class. Secondly, none of the students at that time, want to become friends with me, so they try hitting me books bullied me for no reason to me I being name-calling.

This happens in 2008 Kunsmiller Middle School. Then I had to be a Denver Children’s Home therapist. Later in 2010 I moved to El Paso, Texas, to a high school Irving High school. That’s the second place where I was being threatened name-calling and students became haters to me.

Friend’s added me to Facebook from class. So I try asking if we can be best friends. Friends from Facebook from school began name calling me, misjudged about me of how many girls will never like me. So this is how I end up being a disability. Now I’m stuck women always staying away from me. This is the same reflection as a flashback I have now.


3 thoughts on “Life suffering as a disability. Here’s why?

  1. This is horrible. People shouldn’t bully you or treat you bad. There organizations, like Atlantis Community, in the City of Denver that helps people with disabilities. They are very kind to everyone. Good luck at your fight against mistreatment.


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