Why does it matter to me when a girl block me some one on instagram ?

My only personal facts about, why I think it is cruel and rude blocking. Especially if I never had friends or friendship.

I need motivation. I mean how many of people needs motivation?

On the website on meetup.com. Every females been misunderstood therefore, they mistaken took wrong path, by having meetup.com banned my life forever. This is wrong.

I do feel offended and hurt when a friend block me on instagram. When a person block, without reasons it does offend me. I had numerous times from all followers blocking me.

A women’s , never notice me how wrong was to offend to me. It is like when a woman reject it. That is, why I’m asking everyone attention in the first place to chat about it whether, outside or inside Instagram social media. I understand every boundaries, but is something needed be told from me to everyone .

” Tod started crying.” Girls, if you did not realize, it did offend me when I get block unpurposed. ” Tod is with one d not dd ok. Tod is a nick name used, from fox hound. I didn’t like my name the way friends made fun of my real name.


6 thoughts on “Why does it matter to me when a girl block me some one on instagram ?

  1. No um ok. What is wrong the way I write? As long as you be honest, I’m ok. I just want to be clear in the first place, that’s why. Not just isn’t I want, a best friend a female friend not a friend to my gender.


  2. If you’re here to waste my time. Don’t. Because this is people who does understand stop worrying about pandemic please * the fox crying*


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