A feedback, for lady’s

My message is being urgent for several generations of years. Here’s why:

The most unpleasant life I ever experienced

In, Denver I was recently 2020. I  been discriminated, by a female at a bank teller against me. I was discriminated by my gender and disability.

I want it to share my feedback to who to trust. One, of the girl screening check staff covid19 at the first bank , are being inappropriate wearing in short in my opinion. The screening staff were showing off their legs unprofessional appearance. The first bank tellers are professional, but not the screening covid 19 staff at the first bank. I understand, how lady’s needs to feel comfortable to work during summer. When bending down is bringing to my attention.

When I do need to talk about friends on Instagram kept blocking me, including new friends. I thought she is ok to me to hear it.   This is why I have an unpleasant moment. I never had a real friend to who I can trust to.

The manager of the bank went against me close my account then I got upset. After I ask to new outcome they decided to not to listen me.

That’s just what I think in my opinion. Now lost my opportunity open first bank , the only bank has tap to pay in the debit card, no others banks has ” Tap to pay” on their debit cards. People please just stop complaining me.

Solution is

Asking forgiveness. Forget and move foward.

Tod thinks people hate him because he can’t be a friend to no lady. If you are reading this.

6 reasons why I should have a female best friend | blog – MyFlowerTree. (2020, August 29). Retrieved from https://www.myflowertree.com/blog/6-reasons-why-you-should-have-a-female-best-friend/

I can’t find a community beside Facebook

I’m a son of God, had given my life to only savor Jesus Christ.  My name, is written in a book of life by God since (2010).  I been, baptized 2 times in the year (2018). I had, gave my life to Jesus as a child when my dad, became a Christian.  The most important I found is, my life doesn’t make sense without love.  Base on 1 Corinthians 13 2-3.

This is a new year. Some, of churches don’t have time to listen to me.

I wish I was married now and not give more time for myself . I want have a family with kids. Everyone has always been telling me that I should wait? There’s no wait. People shouldn’t control my life that’s not right. I want to be just like my father, who he got married age 25.

I really thought females would change just like the pandemic consider concerning to them. What I would like, is a lady’s bestfriend. I would like to be trusted to her. So, what I’m asking is a truce to me. To end the discrimination that I experience and the bad reputation. To end of friends blocking all social media that I been having.

Where can I meet friends? 

Does, this city, have any event is a “New Year’s Eve, National hug day, National Make a Friend day, Valentine day, St Patrick day, Spring Break, Cinco de mayo,  Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas eve?” 

Any opinions are, most welcome. I respect everyone each opinions what you believe. No judgment please thank you. Reply answer via text message.

There’s something you need to know about communications

Unfortunately I’ve exhausted myself meeting friends on Facebook or instagram and unfortunate I been offended by friends blocking me. I’ll will no longer be on instagram or facebook, until I can trust friends without me being offended. That’s why I been telling this but people don’t believe me. For now on, text message is communication.


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