Hi, readers, my name is Ricardo I’m known as Tod.  My birthday is on st Patrick day. I graduated high school at Academy of Urban Learning eight years ago. I’m a young gentleman.

I been schools all these: Starting from Kunsmiller Middle School, Lake middle school, Abraham Lincoln School, North High School . I became disabled, from middle school. I’m currently raised and living in Denver colorado, usually snows  a lot here.

On Christmas eve it doesn’t snow like back in the years 2000 – 2009. I’m a winter person not a summer guy.    I’m into freezing and like cold stuffs. This is my fan page blog fan page about  Disney movie” Fox & Hound , Fox & Hound 2″ I watched when I was a kid.

I’ve been biggest fan disney. I always enjoy watching “Toon Disney ” back those times when I was nine. 

I watched lots of Disney movies previously those time. Sadly I miss Toon Disney so I made fan page of a disney character my favorite movie ” The Fox & Hound 1-2″.

I’m a role player usually I’m on instagram. Tod is  just like my feeling like I got been bullied by many friends out there. He remind me of his feeling. Tod was banned unkindly from them in the forest where he lives at, just like when friends were unkind to me as well. Where I am as him too ” Banned“. Any way feel free to ask me anything. ~Tod 

What I believe people should do?

People, should give hugs to a friend who can really trust or can count on them . I mean everyone needs hugs once in a while.