Reasons why everyone should stop reffered me to a therapist to Well Power

By Tod June 4 2022

1. They won’t agree to my purpose when ever I tell. 
If person, sounded urgent to tell. The therapist should at least stick to person point.

2. They failed, to courage me to look in bright side.
The, therpist job is to help him feel better offer him a brigh side to look at.

3. No advice was given
Therapist, should have to tell an advice about what a person ask for that sounded important.

4. Failed to accomplish my goal
They aren’t accomplishing my goal.

5. Failed to step me foward
The therapist, hasn’t done anything to move me foward.

6. Medication isn’t necessary
The medication doesn’t have to do anything about me asking advice.

7. Lack of listening carefully
They, did not listen about my opinions that would related to things, I had told them.

8. Time is useless
Is a waste, of time if therapist cannot allow me share opinion or advice to discuss.

9. Is not about depression
Is not, always about depression , the therapist just only focus for my mental health. Is about, asking advice. 

10. They aren’t there to advice me

11. Being obligated be friends who are in my gender
It is, wrong to obligate me, to be friends in my gender when I knew, I trust in a different gender. I trust me as a male, being friends with a girl than a guy.  Girls, has advice to offer than male would about social media bullying.

12. Therapy doesn’t care about me or opinions
The therapist , only think of theirself and not me. It is also wrong because again is urgent to express it my opinions.

13. Questioniong
The therapist shouldn’t questioning about my opinion and suggestions.  The therapist been questioning on how why not be friends with your gender?  That sounded forced to me.  If I can’t trust be friends with or ask advice the therapist shouldn’t why be friends with female?

14. Failed to take out my comfort zone The therapist , aren’t willing to give me an outcome.

Well Power therapist did not really help me, it did wasted his time when I tell them. It’s just been so frustrating and me losing the hopes I expected.  I’m been disabled, lived there all my life & has no time. The last thing I need is hug, and I never imagined asking a girl to tell this with a girl bestfriend that would be something simple.  Why is it not so convencing for me to show my attention to the therapist? I thought, this therapist I would made everything simple clear in my discussion to have people realize why I say blocking on social made me offended. The therapist should be able to understand what I meant that, I need advice how to approach a women.

Any therapist I go to isn’t helping me at all. It is, also useless if people kept referring me to different that I know, that there is no therapist that would give me advice about how to approach to women right way.

While everyone you out there including the friends from Instagram Facebook told me to go therapist. Everyone is assuming me, as if I need help, but reality a bestfriend is all matter to me. Friends from Instagram and Facebook should not obligate me to therapist, when I have already been. They would have apologized to me, if they could realized  depending on you as a friend. Friends, can be therapy.  For example a women can be a therapy to me.  Almost all womens, listen what ever friends needs to tell about they can also motivate a friend out. They can also, take out of my comfort zone if I would been friend with a women. So if people are telling me, to go therapist. Any, friend can be a therapist to me. For my conclusion , no I don’t believe a therapist will ever help me and this is why I believe I recommend friends to be a therapist to me as a bestfriend.

A feedback, for lady’s

Hi, if I gave notes to all of you. My message is being urgent for several generations of years. When I meant, urgent I did meant to chat and listen here’s why:

Unpleasent moment that I been going through

This is very important to me because of what I’m going through, not only the pandemic, but I’m also dealing with cyberbullying on my Instagram and others didn’t realize it until I tell everyone this. When I need to talk to get over my emotions. I did meant, to share my notes on to lady to contact me.

The most unpleasant life I ever experienced

I have, a lot of things in my head, about a very complicated life, as a disabled. I grew up, here in Denver and I never get to be friends with a lady’s. My point is I never had hug from my family. Furthermore, I can’t find any virtual hug day here Denver. 

In, Denver I was recently 2020. I  been discriminated, by a female at a bank teller against me. I was discriminated by my gender and disability.

I want it to share my feedback because pandemic and about myself. One, of the girl screening check staff covid19 at the first bank , are being inappropriate wearing too short in my opinion. The screening staff were showing off their legs unprofessional appearance. The first bank tellers are professional, but not the screening covers 19 staff at the first bank. I understand, how lady’s needs to feel comfortable to work during summer, but why? When bending down is bringing to my attention.

I never get to be friends with a lady’s. When I do need to talk about it , some of lady’s friends on Instagram kept blocking me, including new friends.  This is why I have an unpleasant moment. That’s why I want share a quick note for them to text me.

The manager of the bank went against me close my account then I got upset. After I ask to new outcome they decided to not to listen me.

That’s just what I think in my opinion. Now lost my opportunity open first bank , the only bank has tap to pay in the debit card, no others banks has ” Tap to pay” on their debit cards.

Solution is

A hug it is kind of important and healthy at the same time. Please check out the article why, hugs are important also reasons for me to be best friends from a lady’s. 

” Cirino, E. (n.d.). Why I should get (and give) more hugs. Healthline.

A good friend, to be is a girl to help others at this moment Tod thinks people hate him because he can’t be a friend. Lady’s you may send this post and a hug. Text me at 720-742-6511.

6 reasons why I should have a female best friend | blog – MyFlowerTree. (2020, August 29). Retrieved from

I can’t find a community beside Facebook

I’m a son of God, had given my life to only savor Jesus Christ.  My name, is written in a book of life by God since (2010).  I been, baptized 2 times in the year (2018). I had, gave my life to Jesus as a child when my dad, became a Christian.  The most important I found is, my life doesn’t make sense without love.  Base on 1 Corinthians 13 2-3.

This is a new year. Some, of churches don’t have time to listen to me.

I wish I was married now and not give more time for myself . I want have a family with kids. Everyone has always been telling me that I should wait? There’s no wait. People shouldn’t comtrol my life that’s not right. My father married of my age.

I really thought females would change if things like the pandemic consider concerning to them. What I want, is a lady’s bestfriend. I want to be trusted to be friends with. So, what I’m asking is a truce to me. To end the discrimination that I experience and the bad reputation. To end of friends blocking all social media.

Where can I meet friends? 

Does, this city, have any event is a “New Year’s Eve, National hug day, National Make a Friend day, Valentine day, St Patrick day, Spring Break, Cinco de mayo, Kiss day,  Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas eve?” 

Any opinions are, most welcome. I respect everyone each opinions what you believe whether texting is boring or isn’t thing anymore. No judgment please thank you. Reply answer via text message. In my blog you’ll find my number as well thank you.

There’s something you need to know about communications

Unfortunately I’ve exhausted myself meeting friends on Facebook or instagram and unfortunate I been offended by friends blocking me. I’ll will no longer be on instagram or facebook, until I can trust friends without me being offended. That’s why I been wanting tell but people don’t believe me. For now on, text message is communication I feel safe.

Comentarios para amigas

Hola, si les di notas a todos. Mi mensaje es urgente durante varias generaciones de años. Cuando quise decir, urgente quería hablar y escuchar aquí por este razon:

Un momento desagradable que he pasado por mi vida

Esto es muy importante para mí por lo que estoy pasando, no sólo por la pandemia, sino también de la rede sociales ciberbullying de mi Instagram y otros no se dieron cuenta hasta que les cuente esto a todos. Cuando necesito hablar para superar mis emociones. Si quise, compartir mis notas con un amiga para contactarme.

La vida más desagradable que he experimentado

Tengo muchas cosas en mi cabeza, sobre una vida muy complicada, como un discapacitado. Crecí aquí en Denver y nunca llego a ser amigo de una dama. Mi punto es que nunca tuve un abrazo de mi familia. Además, no encuentro ningún día de abrazo virtual aquí Denver.

Denver, hace poco tuve 2020. Me discriminó una amiga de un cajera de First Bank contra mi. Fui discriminada por mi género y discapacidad.

Queria compartir mis comentarios por la pandemia y sobre mí. Uno, de los revisores de chicas de revisión covid19 en First Bank , no fue apropiado llevo demasiado corto el short de ella en mi opinión. La revisiona amiga  mostraba su apariencia poco sexual. Los bancarios First Bank son profesionales, pero no la revisiona amiga covid19 . Entiendo, cómo las amigas necesita sentirse cómoda para trabajar durante el verano, pero ¿por qué? Cuando agacharse hacia abajo me llama la atención.

Nunca tube mi opportunidad de conocer un, amiga. Cuando necesito hablar, algunos amigas en Instagram seguían bloqueándome, incluyendo nuevos amigas. Por eso tengo un momento desagradable. Por eso quiero compartir una nota rápida para que me envíen un mensaje.

El jefe de este banco puso una contra y cerro mi cuenta de cheque.  Después de pedir un nuevo resultado decidieron no escucharme.

Eso es lo que pienso en mi opinión. Ahora perdió mi oportunidad abrir First Bank, el único banco tiene un grifo para pagar en la tarjeta de débito, ningún otro banco tiene “Tap to pay” en tarjetas de débito.

La solución es

Un abrazo es algo importante y saludable al mismo tiempo. Por favor, revise el artículo por qué, los abrazos son importantes también razones para que yo sea mejor amiga de una mujer.

10 razones POR las Que deberías abrazar todos los dias. (n.d.). Mejor con Salud.

Razones POR las Que UN hombre necesita Una mejor amiga. (2020, September 26). Busca ya la nueva edición 2020-2021.

Necesito una comunidad en vez del Facebook o Instagram

Soy hijo de Dios, había dado mi vida para saborear a Jesucristo. Mi nombre está escrito en un libro de la vida por Dios desde (2010). He sido, bautizado 2 veces en el año (2018). Yo había dado mi vida a Jesús cuando mi padre se convirtió en cristiano. Lo más importante que encontré es que mi vida no tiene sentido sin amor. Segun en 1 Corintios 13 2-3.

Este es un año nuevo. Algunas, de iglesias no tienen tiempo para escucharme. Desearía ser casado ahora y no dar más tiempo para mí. Quiero tener una familia con hijos. ¿Todos me han dicho que debo esperar? No hay espera. La gente no debe controlar mi vida no es correcto de mi. Mi padre se casó de mi edad.

Realmente pensé que las amiga cambiarían cosas como la pandemia consideran referentes a ellas. Lo que quiero es el mejor amigo de una amiga. Quiero ser confiado a amigas. Así que lo que pido es una tregua para mí. Para poner fin a la discriminación que experimento y a la mala reputación. Para terminar con los amigas bloqueando todas de redes sociales.

¿Dónde puedo conocer amigas?

¿Tiene, esta ciudad, algún evento es un “Año Nuevo, Día Nacional de Abrazo, Día Nacional de Hacer un Amigo, Día de San Patricio, Día de Primavera, Cinco de mayo, Día de Beso, Día de Acción de Gracias, Nochebuena? ”

Cualquier opinión es, muy bienvenida. Respeto a todos las opiniones lo que creas si los mensajes son aburridos o ya no es cosa. No juzgues, por favor, gracias. Responda por mensaje de texto. En mi blog encontrarás mi número también gracias.

Hay algo que necesitas saber sobre comunicaciones.

Desafortunadamente me he agotado conocer a mis amigas en Facebook o instagram y lamentablemente me ofendido por amigas bloqueándome. Ya no estaré en Instagram o Facebook, hasta que pueda confiar en amigas sin que me ofendan. Por eso quería decirlo, pero la gente no me cree. Por ahora, el mensaje de texto es la comunicación por mi seguridad.

Why does it matter to me when a girl block me some one on instagram ?

My only personal facts about, why I think it is cruel and rude blocking. Especially if I never had friends or friendship.

I need motivation. I mean how many of people needs motivation?

On the website on Every females been misunderstood therefore, they mistaken took wrong path, by having banned my life forever. This is wrong.

Lady’s I do feel offended and hurt when a friend block me on instagram. When a person block, without reasons it does offend me. I had numerous times from all followers blocking me.

The female, never notice me how wrong was to offend to me. It is like when a woman reject it. That is, why I’m asking everyone attention in the first place to be friends whether, outside or inside Instagram social media. To chat about this and get this over it. I understand every boundaries, you put, but I believe you lady’s went to far this time.

” Tod started crying.” Girls, if you did not realize, it did offend me when I get block unpurposed.

Life suffering as a disability. Here’s why?

I’m asking everyone to please be respectful respect persons life. I need the people to take your time get to know me well.

I have suffered from my disability for many years. This would be the greatest depression I have ever felt. First I was suffering the disability from middle school 2009 Lake middle school in Denver. I was being evaluated for being bullied by kids back at that time. I was being picked on and during class. Secondly, none of the students at that time, want to become friends with me, so they try hitting me books bullied me for no reason to me I was being teased name-calling.

This happens in 2008 Kunsmiller Middle School. Then I had to be a Denver Children’s Home therapist. Later that year 2010 I moved to El Paso, Texas, to a high school Irving High school. That’s the second place where I was being threatened name-calling and students became haters.

The friend added me to Facebook from class. So I try asking if we can be best friends. But on friends on Facebook they wouldn’t respect either, too. The kids from school were calling me hater calling me how many girls will never like you. So this is how I end up being a disability. Now I’m stuck women always staying away from me. As if I had the same reflection.This is a flashback I have now.

Girls what is your advice about approaches from a guy to a gir? To be friends?

Assume you just met a guy, and that you became friends and you are interested of him.

What is the best approach to guys before sharing your number to a guy?

I understand , numbers are for family and friends. I only say it because, I don’t want loose opportunity me as guy, if a girl were interested in me.

How can I show her, I like be in touch with and not just talks or just a wave?

Any response to this question, reply your answer via text message that you girls have. I’ve really tried talking this to a therapy but they, are not help me at all. Not only, that it is a waste of time for me. Therapy isn’t providing me an advice for me to ask them.

How it happen when I got bullied on Instagram?

You might not believe how. So on this post. You’ll see screen shots from users of Instagram. Here is pics that shows I was being threated by. The user jingle she’s same person from Instagram as others users I’m showing you down here.

She’s been making multiples account with that. Everyone has their own likes not just kids. She started to make fun of me. I personally made my Instagram account because I love disney Fox & Hound.

When she or he has been friends with me on Instagram. He or she has been telling me I was a rapist. This is unacceptable.

In year 2017 he hacked me, people notice it my account being logged on which I was never online at 2am in the morning. So that’s where people are being confused. It is frustrated me nobody doesn’t believe me.

Not, only that, all these people down there have went over and ruined my life. This matter a lot to me, I have a limit of who people went too far. Like how much further people want to go about this? I mean I’m very disappointed, people who might have known me should quit blocking me. You have no idea what they had done to me.

Excuse me, girls this is Rosebud accounts. She decided to pretend to be a friend then she just screen shot which is unfair. She, says is ok? But, she never talk to me. She promised, but she broke a promise. How you believe I feel? This is her info instagram: ”
This happened since 2017.   

Also, these users were kind of rough on me :

I’m asking girls like you to support because girls can handle any situation. I’m asking everyone to report these users. They were messing up my life. Isn’t right messing my life up.

You could help me, by reaching me out, and reporting these users. I want feel safe be friends with you girls. I recommend to reach me out via text message I don’t feel safe anymore on Instagram, until this be solved. These, people been hacking and claims to be me to others.

If any of you, girls have instagram. I urge reach me out. Please report all the photos you see here about people threating to Tod and others users you seen photos. Reporting them will help me feel safe to make new friends.

I never get to be with a real friend followers that I deserve to be in the first place.

Fan page from Disney movie ” The Fox & Hound”

Tod was on the first night alone in the woods proving disastrous, as I in advertently trespassed into an irritable old badger’s den. Thankfully, a friendly porcupine offers me a shelter.

That same night, Slade and Copper plan to poach me. The next morning, Big Mama finds me and introduces me to her best friend, a female fox named Vixey, who helps me adapt to life in the forest. After a botched attempt at fishing, tod got an angry rant, and later apologised to Vixey at Big Momma’s urging.

Any way I was being accused of being picked and bullied by @bdawgpaws any one knows him. Please have them talk to this kid “@bdawgpaws

It’s been since 2017-2019 I’ve been asking people friends to help but no one hasn’t been nice to me. That never happen idk why he was doing it. Todd feels sad and disappointed. He needs someone to cheer him up. To be hated by users who made him a bad reputation.

@bdawgpaws is responsible person for ruining my life.